Thursday, November 10, 2016

Why I am concerned with the election results

Morals and values...
To people these can mean very different things.  What are your morals and values?  Are they important to you?

For me, my morals and values are how I choose to live my life.  I choose to live my life being kind to others, not judging others, accepting others regardless of their viewpoints, and spreading the concept of loving thy neighbour as thyself.

This can be very hard to do...especially when I believe the viewpoint someone else has is morally wrong.  It's hard to accept their right to express it - but yet, I do.

With that being said, I struggle to understand Trump supporters and why they felt their best choice was to vote for him.  Here are my top 5 reasons I would never vote for Trump (in simple terms):

1) His ego - take away everything else you can say about Trump, his ego is so big I can't imagine him doing anything for someone else...never mind a whole nation!

2) His business sense - not sure how successful he is...he appears to be pretty successful on the surface but he's been bankrupt more than fact, more than twice.  Hmmm. Perhaps he is not good with money?  Not sure I would want him to take care of mine.

3) Lack of experience - I understand being revolutionary and wanting change!  Change can be a good thing!  I strive on change.  But I really question if he is the right one to be that change.  He does not seem to know or understand some very basic information on politics and how the American system works.  Not to mention international relationships...

4) His political stance on pretty much everything...he's very good at saying what he's going to do but not how he's actually going to do it.  Yet - people listened...he's actually pretty good at that - getting people to follow without really telling them what they are following.

5) His spreading of hatred...his viewpoints bring us back not forward.  In fact much of his campaign is reminiscent of Hitler.  And sadly - people listen.  This is really my number one reason I would never vote for him.  I cannot vote for someone who tells people to hate someone else.  Morally I cannot do this.

I read something on Facebook the other day from someone saying that 'it's going to be ok'.  Basically tomorrow is another day, it won't seem so bad tomorrow, it will all be ok.  I felt like they were missing the point - the point of why Trump is a bad choice for President.  He is spreading hatred - he is spreading viewpoints that we should have stopped spreading ages ago...he is spreading viewpoints we never should have spread in the first place.  It's going to get crazy!  It's already crazy!  And he's not even President yet!!

What am I going to do about it?  I am going to continue to spread love.  Advocate for love.  I am going to continue to learn more about people who are different than me.  I am not going to just listen...I am going to educate myself.  I am going to choose to love those around me even when I don't agree with their choice or their decision.  I am going to stay true to me and my morals and values.

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